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Cheesecake is a luscious dessert made of
a creamy sweet and cheese filling and is
a restaurant . So let's start with
the standard New York style cheesecake.
It's really the cheesecake all other
cheesecakes are measured . it's
rich, it's decadent and it starts with
the Graham cracker , so I'll add one
cup of Graham cracker crumbs and to that
I'll just add a couple tablespoons of
sugar. I have a quarter cup of
butter, add into the bowl and just
stir until the graham crackers are
. And I just pressed the crust into
the bottom of the pan. I've my
oven to 350 and this simply takes ten
minutes just to set the crust. So in New
York everything's so think
lots of cream cheese for packages
essentially two pounds of cream cheese
softened to room temperature. And now as
I'm the cream cheese I can add a
cup and a quarter of sugar but I added a
little at a time and I'll have to
the bowl a couple of times. Make sure you
get right to the bottom of the bowl.
Scraping the bowl often every step of
the way is important to avoid
in the cheesecake.
Okay, the next few ingredients include three
tablespoons of cornstarch and a little bit of adds to that velvety
texture in cream cheese.
Two teaspoons of .
This just heightens that
flavor that's already there in the cream cheese.
And now for the eggs.
and then one egg yolk for that added
Now that I'm adding the eggs I make sure
I keep the mixture
I don't want to work too much air
into the Cheesecake at this point
because it'll expand with the heat of
the oven and then contract as it cools
and that's where a can sometimes
The last ingredient to add is
the signature ingredients in New York
style cheesecake and that's .
Three-quarters of a cup go in at the
very end and this just takes the New
York cheesecake .
And there we go and that's ready there's really no
visible difference to the
crust once it comes out of the oven but
you want to give it time to cool
before you add the filling.
I have a crust already done and cooled; my final
step is to take just a little bit as a
melted butter and brush the sides of the
pan and here we go.
cream cheese beautiful and
I'll just pop this in the other
the oven at this point is at degrees
and I leave that she's heekin for 10
minutes then I turn the oven down to
cook it for another 25 minutes.
then at that point I turn the oven off all
together and leave the Cheesecake in for
an hour, halfway through that step,
I just cracked the oven door so by the time I
pull out the Cheesecake the oven has
cooled. Look at that! and you can see it
still got a little to it I have
another 3/4 of a cup of sour cream
I just with two
tablespoons of sugar and two teaspoons
of lemon juice I start a half pour half
dollop it and then ever so gently spread
it of the cheesecake
right to the edges and I'll set this
aside to cool to room temperature before
I put it in the fridge to set.
I have one already chilled now you have to give it
a good 6 hours to set in the fridge
believe me a cheesecake like this is
worth waiting for of the pan
and it slides right off the base it's
always good to use a sharp knife
with the damp cloth and then wipe it
off each time you make a slice that way
you get those nice clean precise
cheesecake slices.
gorgeous look at that creaminess a few
fresh berries on there.