Hey my name is Lily Rosenthal. Wait we're
going back sorry. Hey guys my name is
Lily Rosenthal...Oh my god!! Hey my name is
Lily Rosenthal with off-the-menu and
today we are at....

Come on let's go we have
to redo that I did a weird thing with my
eyes.. My name is Lily Rosenthal I'm here
with... no I'm not! Hey guys my name is Lily
rut oh- Damn it David!! okay my name is
Lily Rosenthal with off-the-menu and
today I'm going to show you Teddy's Red
Tacos Come on!


Look at that! That's crazy! Oh my god!
-It`s our beef.
this is just.. the is soaking in
this broth right? and you're dipping it
in and that's what is turning it red.
that`s beautiful!
- Scale one to 10 how hot is
this hot sauce?
- I`ll give it a nine.
A nine??
-Yes, yes! Pretty hot!
... a nine
Teddy, tell me what we're eating.
- so check it out! This is our famous Deluxe Plate.
consists of one , one
Mulita, one tostada, and one taco and...

-And the - the famous broth.
- the famous broth, so some people like to put some
like this
yeah and some people like to put the
in the broth.
- I love it! yeah

-so what do you prefer?

- I'm I'm a dip kind of person, so I'm Jewish
there's a, in our community there's something called "zabaling"
- it's when there's left over on the plate and
you take bread or whatever you have left
and you "zabal up"- the rest stuff- so it's
kind of the same concept. I'm very Jewish in case you wonder.

-He, he ,he ,he

- So..

-so this is our Deluxe Plate
And we're also going to share with you our
famous "vampiros". It looks like a taco
- yeah
- but it has at the bottom.
- and then what are these?
These are tostadas. They're single....
these are like these but without the meat.
- so Teddy for the app. For Off the Menu.
What are you giving the people? What can they
come here and get?

- Our delicious broth
chips and and a free taco.

- And people are gonna come and they're gonna taste
this from Off the Menu and then they're
gonna be so excited to try all these
other things, like the quesadilla and
the ... Oh! I'm so excited!!
Let's start! Let's go! there's a very
important thing you have to tilt with
the taco. A lot of people are like: oh
I'll just let the taco do all the work
for me. - He, he, he, he- Ridiculous! Okay what am I dipping? I'm
Ooooh !okay
Mmmm! Oh my god!

- Did you have hot sauce?
it's a little bit. It's a little bit. Come on!
And lime too. You're gonna have a quesadilla?
get it .
-My favorite.
- you're gonna put a lot of hot sauce, I bet. That's ridiculous
nobody should be doing... Oh my god!
Here's the thing. It hurts, like it's
painful but it tastes so good I can't
not eat it. THIS-COULD-BE you! People! !
get your Teddy's tacos. my man Teddy
right here!! you can have this!! get here!
go off the menu redeem this you do not
want to miss it
I'll be here come join me