-Hi Lily
-Hi Melissa oh you look great!
good to see you! very well rested . ? Did you have any free
time between meetings?

London was great! We very busy all week, but I
some free time on Saturday and Sunday
I back on Sunday evening
Did you take any pictures?

Better than that! I have videos


I can't wait to show you. You're gonna
love this !

can't wait to see them!

I did a lot on Saturday first I to
the London Eye
here it is
yes I did. the views were fantastic
then I went on a boat on the river

what was the weather like? doesn't
it rain a lot in England?

the weather was
okay it all the time.
that's good the boat ride was really
interesting i saw Tower Bridge and the
Tower of London
did you go in the Tower
of London?
no , I didn't have time. Then I
Buckingham Palace
this is where the Queen lives when she's
in London
Was she there when you visited?

No. her flag on top of the
palace that means she's not there
oh is that a guard i like his hat
yes it looks heavy the guards are very
intense their attention is 100-percent
on their duties; they never move or speak.
They ignore all the tourists around them

no i didn't i didn't have time
that's a shame! you know ?

Then I a bus to Saint Paul's Cathedral.

wow that looks amazing!

yeah they it on the highest point in the city so
that way you can see the dome from almost anywhere in London

it's really beautiful

yeah so that's
everything I did on Saturday

you did a lot!

yes then on Sunday before I went to the
airport I around I went to
Westminster Bridge I walked across it
I saw Big Ben and Parliament and

Westminster Abbey

No, I didn't have enough time. I had to go back to
the airport i only a day and a
half in London but it was great, I
on the London Eye
I went on a boat ride on the River
Thames. I Tower Bridge and the tower
of London. I visited Buckingham Palace
and st. Paul's Cathedral . I walked across
Westminster Bridge Big Ben and
visited Westminster Abbey it was
oh but ? Did you have a
good weekend ? what did you do?

Me? I had a great time: I my apartment; I did
laundry; I went to the pharmacy; i a
subway ride and saw my brother's
baseball game and I visited a lovely
supermarket where I groceries
it was wonderful and I have video too